OUTFIT | Monochrome

3 augustus 2014

top ALAND / jeans TOPSHOP / shoes random shop in South Korea / necklace MMM x H&M / sunglasses QUAY

A crisp all white outfit from a couple of days ago.. Monochrome outfits are visually very appealing. Simple yet still strong enough to make an impact.

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend!

OUTFIT | Dutch heat wave

21 juli 2014

tops H&M TREND & ALAND / skirt WEEKDAY / shoes MONKI / sunglasses bought in random shop in South Korea / earrings NELLY / wearing DIVA lipstick by MAC

I forgot how extremely hot and humid it could be in the Netherlands, and yet us Dutchies always manage to complain about the weather. As if we're never satisfied! 

Anyhow, the outfits consists of my current faves and boy do I love the skirt. I love the asymmetrical shape and it easily blends with the rest of my wardrobe. I remember buying it right before I was leaving for Korea last year, and was coming up with an entire list of excuses of why I should spend more money on clothes just when I'm about to leave to a country where they already have dope fashion sense. Thank god I did shop a bit before I left because once I arrived in Korea, my worst nightmare became a reality: EVERYTHING WAS "ONE SIZE FITS ALL". I think they forgot to add "foreigners excluded", because I and lots of other friends of mine over there certainly did not fit in standard Korean sizes. But to make it clear, just like any other country Korea does also have tons of chain stores, national as well as international. If you go to the smaller shops, that's where you'll find the unique pieces... unfortunately most of them in a "one size fits all". My favorite store is ALAND, which is kind of like a Urban Outfitters-ish store. Despite their one sizes I always managed to score something whenever entered that piece of heaven.

OUTIFIT | The next step..

13 juli 2014

top ALAND / skirt WEEKDAY / shoes ALDO / clear clutch ALAND /  jacket H&M TREND (cut off sleeves) / sunglasses QUAY (bought in Tokyo)


Taken on a very hot but lovely summer day.. I am slowly accommodating to my life back in the Netherlands. I turned 23 at the end of May and was fortunate enough to spend it with some close friends in Korea. Now that I am back home, it's funny to see how my life has changed. My interests have shifted and all the decisions I have made before and during my period abroad are defining me into the person I am today. A question a lot of people have been asking me is: what now? Well, that's a very good question, one I'm not quite sure of myself. My first goal is graduating, which will hopefully happen next year. And after that? Deciding where I'll spend my next adventure abroad. Cause there's one thing I'm pretty certain of, and that is that my future might not be in the Netherlands.

To be continued... Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

OUTFIT | Back in my home town

1 juli 2014

white jeans TOPSHOP / white tops COS and ALAND / clear clutch ALAND / shoes random store in Korea /  necklace MMM x H&M

Back in town for the past 3 weeks, and I can tell you the struggle is real. The moment I arrived at the airport I felt weird. As much as I missed my friends and family here, I can't believe that my life in South Korea is over. Making the decision to do my exchange program and internship was the best thing that has ever happened to me so far. I got to know myself, the good and the bad, and made some great friends. I have travelled and seen so many places people here have never heard of. Above all, I am proud of myself for making this decision on my own. Korea will always have a special place in my heart and I will definitely visit it again. Mark my words on that one.. Now it's time to start my life in the Netherlands again.

First, it's time to enjoy my summer holidays! I have been doing absolutely nothing these past weeks and I needed that because the hardcore Korean working culture started take its toll one me. That's one thing I will not miss for sure.

Also, I am superduper happy to have people around me that actually understand DSLR camera's and have the time to take my photos. I have been neglecting my blog while I was in Korea even though there were so many things to show. But at the same time I was always on the go and did not take that much effort to find a photographer, schedule shoots, edit photos.. basically all the activities that are a blogger's responsibility because I was just too damn busy exploring the country. 

Did I miss blogging? Yes and no, purely due to the fact that this thing called "fashion blogging" was once a niche but evolved into being overly saturated with people whose only intention is to promote brands they don't even believe in just to have more readers. What happened with "I blog for myself, not for the blog public"? 

PERSONAL | Short trip to Hong Kong & Macau

19 juni 2014

/ top ALAND / skirt WEEKDAY / tote bag American Apparel / 


A little over a month ago I took a few days off my internship and visited Hong Kong & Macau. Though, as I am writing this I have been back home in the Netherlands for almost a week already, and I can tell you it feels extremely weird. Will talk about that in another post..

Having heard so many great stories about this city, I knew that I had to take the opportunity to visit the place while I was still in Korea. Hong Kong is an awesome city with basically skyscrapers everywhere you point your finger at. Unfortunately, the weather was hot, humid and rainy when I was there yet I still managed to visit the places I wanted to see. Like the Ten Thousand Buddhas, which is a small hike up to a hill, where you'll pass tons and tons of colorful Buddhas all the way to the top. It was raining cats and dogs during that moment, so thank God I happen to bring an umbrella with me just in case. 
One of the places every tourist site tells you to visit is the Victoria Peak, where you'll see a gorgeous view of the city. Let me tell you it was definitely worth the visit that I also visited it by night.

Anyhow, I visited Hong Kong all by myself but ended up meeting a nice travel buddy in the hostel I was staying at and we spent most of our time together. The only time we decided to go our separate ways was when I took the ferry to Macau. This place is only 1 hr away and you can see a lot of stuff in just one day. I absolutely adored this city. For a moment I felt I wasn't in Asia due to the Portuguese influences the city has. And of course I went to visit the casino's as Macau is seen as the Las Vegas of Asia. The casino's are huge and very picturesque and I have taken some awesome pictures since the weather was definitely in my favor with its beautiful bright blue sky.


23 april 2014

Photos taken by me


After I have visited Tokyo last December/January I fell madly in love with the fashion over there. Though, these pictures are from a while ago I still wanted to share them cause there’s another post coming with street style pics of my beloved Koreans. But at the same time I gotta give it to those Japanese peeps for their laid back, I-just-put-something-together attitude. It might seems a bit over the top sometimes and crazy but that’s Japan, y’all! I had to literally stop, stare, keep walking, and then turn my head again just to see how people choose to express themselves. What I liked the most is that you can find basically any style here and that people not care nor do they comment about someone’s outfit – the same goes for Korea. I can definitely imagine myself living here, spend money like I’m Rick Ross – ahum – and buy myself the dopest Japanese look. Yup.

OUTFIT | The Korean story continues..

18 februari 2014

silver sweater H&M TREND (old) / white bomber jacket WEEKDAY / white jeans RIVER ISLAND / earrings NELLY

Photos taken by Celina Sadijo

It has been a long time since I have last posted. In fact, I haven’t been updating my blog that much ever since I arrived in Korea. The main reason for that is that I couldn’t always find someone who – understands DSLR camera’s – and can take my photos. And to be honest, at some points I was just too busy exploring this country that I’d rather Instagram my life instead of blogging about it. Wrong, totally wrong, I know.. 

Anyway, enough about that. What have I been up to here? Unfortunately nothing much. Ever since I came back from Tokyo last month the main things that kept me busy were searching my butt off to find an internship (which I did!!!), finding a new room (which I also did!!) and having tons of goodbye drinks, dinner, parties (and more parties ) with the lovely people I have met last semester during my exchange program at Hanyang University. Most of the people went back to their home country and I’m one of the handful of people who’s staying here for another semester. So even though there are still some people staying and don’t get me wrong, I made enough Korean friends, it still feels as if I am starting all over again. Especially since I am not an exchange student anymore, because I am doing an internship. Making foreign friends was easy last semester but now I have to meet them somewhere else - which is still pretty doable since there're enough foreigners in Seoul. And now that I think of it, I actually want to get in touch with more Korean people because I also want to improve my Korean. And since I am interning at a Korean company, where I am seriously the only foreigner, I hope my Korean will get a lot better within the following 5 months. 

So far I am having a great time. The people are really nice, even though not all of them speak sufficient English. Last week they threw me a welcoming party and of course it was the Korean way. They already started popping soju bottles at 7pm and we ended up going to a club on a Wednesday night, with all of us pretty drunk at that point. This is seriously one of the best cultural things I have done and I will never forget this awesome experience, despite the horrible hangover I got the next day. Let me tell you and as my friend says, Koreans are functioning alcoholics. They can drink like crazy and go to work the next day as if nothing happened. My colleagues were nothing different, they are all in their early 30s – with me being 22 they consider me as their baby – and they could drink as if they were doing it on daily basis. It was crazy. Fun, but crazy. Definitely a culture shock I didn’t think I would experience after already living here for 6 months and already having experienced the crazy drinking culture. 

I work (I do mainly PR) at a design agency (Art & Design International) that also has their own in-house men’s life style brand (Swagger) specialized in grooming products. Swagger is a daughter company of YG Entertainment, which is actually pretty awesome because YG is one of Korea’s top record labels. Think of artist like Big Bang (which has become my new love), 2NE1 and of course Psy (we all know Gangnam Style, right?). I already met some YG managers as they come to our office weekly. Maybe I can now try and ask them if they could introduce me to Seungri, Taeyang and G-Dragon from Big Bang.. Dream on, Meda..
I have been working here for about 3/4 weeks already and the Korean work ethics is slowly getting to me. Koreans are known for having the longest working hours and for the people who have visited Seoul know what I am talking about because this city really never sleeps. By the time I am done working it is already dark (and it’s still winter) so I can already assure you that taking pictures will be impossible and this time I really have no one. Maybe I should consider buying a tripod and remote – I think I would feel really awkward. 

Extremely long post but it feels good to write on le blog again. Since I mostly blog about fashion on Ethnique Island I might as well start making posts about the fashion here - duhhh. And let me tell you, it’s dope!