Old and New

It's funny how the weather in the Netherlands can take a turn in such short notice. These pictures were taken last week when it was perfectly fine to show some skin. 

Anyhow, I'm wearing a mixture of old and new here, with the leather waist coast being a very old one. I still adore this leather beauty as I bought it for the fraction of its original price. It's one of those staple pieces that goes with everything I have hanging in my closet. Plus, it does a great job at dressing down an outfit. 

I got the tote bag from my friend who went on vacation to Seoul, South Korea last month - including a bunch of other stuff, yay! Hearing her talk about her experiences in Korea gave me such butterflies. Though, not at the same university we have both spent our semester in Korea. And now that we're both back in this small country, I have someone whom I can share my thoughts and experiences with. Never would I have thought I would feel at home in a country that's completely different from what I am used to. 

top H&M Man / leather waist coat H&M Trend / shoes Zara / bag American Apparel / sunglasses Quay

The Eye

Some weeks ago I visited Amsterdam because I was meeting some of my friends I met in South Korea. We started the day afternoon with a visit to The Eye right behind central station where we had some typical Dutch snacks like bitterballen en kroket. The place itself looks really dope as it also a film institute, movie theater and museum. I would definitely recommend this spot if you want to spend the day in the Dutch capital.

University life started 2 weeks ago and slowly am I realizing that I will be graduating within a year. It is an exciting and scary thought at the same time because I will be closing a chapter in my life. All I know is that I will be spending lots of days in the library. Bring it on..

Lastly, how do you like the (re)design of the blog? HTML and CSS codes are being a  bunch of bitches, so please bear with me if some of the links are not working. Feel free to comment, if you have any recommendations!

Photos taken by Celina Sadijo
top H&M Trend / skirt River Island  / rain coat H&M Trend (diy) / shoes bought in Korea

OUTFIT | Monochrome

top ALAND / jeans TOPSHOP / shoes random shop in South Korea / necklace MMM x H&M / sunglasses QUAY

A crisp all white outfit from a couple of days ago.. Monochrome outfits are visually very appealing. Simple yet still strong enough to make an impact.

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend!

OUTFIT | Dutch heat wave

tops H&M TREND & ALAND / skirt WEEKDAY / shoes MONKI / sunglasses bought in random shop in South Korea / earrings NELLY / wearing DIVA lipstick by MAC

I forgot how extremely hot and humid it could be in the Netherlands, and yet us Dutchies always manage to complain about the weather. As if we're never satisfied! 

Anyhow, the outfits consists of my current faves and boy do I love the skirt. I love the asymmetrical shape and it easily blends with the rest of my wardrobe. I remember buying it right before I was leaving for Korea last year, and was coming up with an entire list of excuses of why I should spend more money on clothes just when I'm about to leave to a country where they already have dope fashion sense. Thank god I did shop a bit before I left because once I arrived in Korea, my worst nightmare became a reality: EVERYTHING WAS "ONE SIZE FITS ALL". I think they forgot to add "foreigners excluded", because I and lots of other friends of mine over there certainly did not fit in standard Korean sizes. But to make it clear, just like any other country Korea does also have tons of chain stores, national as well as international. If you go to the smaller shops, that's where you'll find the unique pieces... unfortunately most of them in a "one size fits all". My favorite store is ALAND, which is kind of like a Urban Outfitters-ish store. Despite their one sizes I always managed to score something whenever entered that piece of heaven.